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  • Where is Black Girl Gamers based?
    BGG has a global community. Our employees are based in the UK and America.
  • What is your company's mission?
    Our aim is to increase and improve the influence, representation, equity and experience of Black women in the gaming industry
  • Where can I find you on social media?
    Check out all of our social media links here.
  • Can I advertise a job through Black Girl Gamers?
    You can advertise a job on our Job Board which is accessible only to our community members. By advertising to our extensive network, you can effectively reach a diverse and talented pool of candidates for your opportunities.
  • Can my white husband join? He’s black on the inside!
    …if you don’t leave that man at home.
  • Who is welcome to join the BGG Community?
    All Black women identifying people around the world are welcome to join our private community spaces. This is inclusive of non-binary people.
  • How do I join the Facebook Group?
    If you have Facebook, you can apply to join our group here. This will also grant you access to the Discord.
  • How do I join the Discord?
    If you do not join via Facebook first, you can apply to join the Discord directly by filling out this application form. You will then have to go through a verification process with our Community Manager.
  • How long does it take for my application to be reviewed?
    Due to the community having a very high number of applications throughout the year, it can take up to 3 weeks.
  • Why was my application declined?
    If you applied via Facebook, you have either not answered the questions thoroughly enough, not agreed to the rules, or you do not have sufficient information on your public profile. Admission to our community is at the full discretion of our community moderators. We do not approve entry of any individuals that exhibit behaviours that are against our rules or code of conduct.
  • What types of consultancy do you offer?
    Black Girl Gamers is uniquely placed in the gaming industry to offer a variety of consultancy services. The intersection of our team, community and experience allow us to consult for clients in Gaming, Beauty & Fashion, FMCG and TV/Film industries. Our services range from aiding studios and developers in their game/character/lore development, consulting on go-to-market strategies, DEI recruiting strategies, influencer marketing strategies and more.
  • Are your consultancy services available globally?
  • How can my company benefit from your consultancy services?
    In addition to the consultants on our team, Black Girl Gamers has access to a global community to source any required individuals and provide additional, robust insight for our clients. As experienced Black Women in the gaming industry, we have a global lens that combines DEI and decades of experience in the industry to create inclusive, insightful and innovative solutions for our client’s needs.
  • How do I become a streamer on your Twitch channel?
    By joining our Discord community, meeting the minimum points requirement for community participation, and upholding the values of BGG in all of your interactions with others. It is then at the discretion of our Stream and Content Manager to allocate available spaces on the Stream Team to those that meet these requirements.
  • How do I find out when and where the next Black Girl Gamers event will be?
    Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media! If you’re a Discord community member you can check the Announcements channel, and if you’re a Facebook community member check our Featured Posts.
  • Can I work at one of your events?
    If you’re a community member, yes. Keep an eye on Announcements in Discord and Featured Posts on Facebook.
  • Could you provide details on how I can secure access to the Black Girl Gamers Job Board?
    Access to our Job Board can be gained by liaising with our team. Please email with the subject line Job Board Form Request
  • How do I sign up for BGG Talent?
    You can sign up by checking the guides in Facebook Group or via the BGG Talent channel in the discord.
  • What sort of opportunities can I expect to receive?
    BGG Talent provides a variety of opportunities to our members including events, presenting, sponsored content, TV casting, playtesting and more.
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