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we're energized by the opportunity to change the way people think about gaming

About Us

Since its foundation in 2015, Black Girl Gamers (BGG) has grown from a small Facebook group into a thriving collective of 8,000+ black women around the globe. All with a shared passion for gaming and a shared ambition to make impact on it.

Evolving from a like-minded group of friends to a community-powered business, BGG has become an influential agent of change throughout the gaming industry. Partnering with brands to change gaming from the inside out.

Across content, events, education, consulting, and talent, BGG partners with endemic and non-endemic brands throughout the gaming space (Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc.) and gaming communities  to grow the influence, representation, equity and experience of black women in gaming.

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Meet The Team




Jay-Ann Lopez is the CEO and Founder of Black Girl Gamers. She describes herself as a multipotentialite and heralds changing the gaming industry as being one of her many passions.  She is also a popular UK based beauty influencer, games consultant and public speaker. She is known for her passionate opinions and is known as one of the catalysts for the diversification of gaming.  She is also a presenter for GTV and loves to dance, model and of course, game. 

Black Girl Gamers - Jay-Ann Lopez
Mary Udofia



Stream & Content Manager

Mary is our cheeky Stream and Content Manager for Black Girl Gamers.  She is responsible for Black Girl Gamers content and Stream Teams, ensuring we drum up fresh and engaging content throughout the year. She is also a variety content Creator and obsessed with anything gaming. Mary aspires to be a game designer and create a wide range of diverse and inclusive characters. Also, she has had the same sims 2 save file for over 8 years.



Social Media Manager

Victoria Brown is the Social Media Manager at Black Girl Gamers and is responsible for ensuring our voices are heard and our content is seen in the industry. She has a passion for retro games, traveling, marketing, and is a talented content producer. Victoria describes herself as social media guru, streamer and content curator, we believe she may have clones helping her with all these projects.

Victoria Brown
Black Girl Gamers - Kenyeda Adams.png



Community Manager

Kenyeda Adams is a busy internet bee that loves to keep our community alive and thriving. By working as the Community Manager, she helps to continue to expand and elevate the Black Girl Gamers community and its members via our workshops and internal events. An avid fandom participant and writer, she infuses her community engagement passion into her fellow Black Girl Gamers.

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