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Meet 30 Black owned Businesses You Can Support In 2021

This year we have seen an unprecedented amount of focus on the Black community in various countries around the world after the tragic death of George Floyd. There has been significant support across business, politics, and media however to drive the equality desired many of these efforts will have to continue beyond 2020.

Black Girl Gamers - Forbes
Jay-Ann Lopez
yahoo finance

Black Girl Gamers founder Jay-Ann Lopez talks inclusivity, gaming music and more

Black Girl Gamers started with a realization.
Jay-Ann Lopez, who founded the gaming collective in 2015, looked around and saw a space that didn’t seem to represent her — or the other Black female gamers she was starting to meet.

Tech Rader

How Black Girl Gamers is changing the gaming landscape for the better

Black Girl Gamers is a multi-platform age, and LGBTQIA+, inclusive online gaming community on Facebook of over 6,000 black women united in their love of gaming.

Black Girl Gamers
Jay-Ann Lopez

Why now is the perfect time to get into gaming, according to the founder of Black Girl Gamers

Jay-Ann Lopez is the founder of online community Black Girl Gamers, a safe space for women of colour who feel otherwise excluded from the world of gaming.


'We Need to Have our Stories': The Black Girl Gamers Fighting for Inclusion

I was just like anybody else. I got a Super Nintendo, then I had a PS1, then I had a PS2, I skipped PS3 and moved onto Xbox. 

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