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black women in gaming

We are an award winning community powered organisation that advocates for diversity, inclusion and equity in the Gaming industry

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Are you a Black woman looking for a safe space to game and connect with other gamers, streamers, developers and more?

Black Girl Gamers ®  is a multi-platform and inclusive community powered organisation that keeps over 8000+ Black Women gamers safe online

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What we do



We house the largest gaming safe space for Black Women in the world. It is multi-platform gaming community of over 8,000+ Black Women that is age and LGBTQIA+ inclusive.  We always aim to keep our members safe, connected and nurture their interests via internal events and workshops.



Black Girl Gamers ®  does content differently. We are at the forefront of bespoke, gaming centered activations and  with our audience boasting over 80,000 followers online - we have worked with endemic and non-endemic brands that are looking to engage gaming audiences in unique ways.

online and offline


Here at Black Girl Gamers, we're known for innovating what gaming events look like.  From our Black Girl Gamers Online Summit, sponsored by Twitch, to our IRL Pass the Pad and brand store takeovers.  We're not shy of breaking the mould and leaving everyone buzzing when we've left the building.



As part of our mission, we are dedicated to giving Black Women more equity in the gaming industry.  BGG Talent is our Talent brokering proposition where we are the trusted partners of our clients to source and broker the amazing talent we have within our global community.  Some of our clients include H&M, Google, Anastasia Beverly Hills, TV casting agencies and more



Black Girl Gamers is uniquely placed to add studios and developers in their game development.  We offer our partners authentic, informed insight for character development, go-to-market strategies, lore development and more.

press about us

Black Girl Gamers founder Jay-Ann Lopez talks inclusivity, gaming music and more

Black Girl Gamers started with a realization. Jay-Ann Lopez, who founded the gaming collective in 2015, looked around and saw a space that didn’t seem to represent her — or the other Black female gamers she was starting to meet.

Black Girl Gamers

Why now is the perfect time to get into gaming, according to the founder of Black Girl Gamers

Jay-Ann Lopez is the founder of online community Black Girl Gamers, a safe space for women of colour who feel otherwise excluded from the world of gaming.

Black Girl Gamers

Meet 30 Black owned Businesses You Can Support In 2021

This year we have seen an unprecedented amount of focus on the Black community in various countries around the world after the tragic death of George Floyd.


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